Using the latest technology, XENITH speakers deliver clear and powerful sound.

Their high efficiency design makes them the perfect choice for systems which only use head unit power. Their high power handling also means that they are equally at home running off an external amplifier, providing extreme system design flexibility and saving you money when upgrading.

Of course none of this matters unless your choice of speakers actually fit
your car, and with the wide range of sizes available, XENITH is sure to have
what you need!

Do it right the first time and choose XENITH speakers for your next system!.

XS-452: 4" Two-Way Coaxial Speakers

Model No.: XS-452

RRP: $79.00

XS-552: 5-1/4" Two-Way Coaxial Speakers

Model No.: XS-552

RRP: $89.00

XS-652: 6-1/2" Two-Way Coaxial Speakers

Model No.: XS-652

RRP: $99.00

XS-682: 5x7" / 6x8" Two-Way Coaxial Speakers

Model No.: XS-682

RRP: $99.00

XS-693: 6x9" Three-Way Coaxial Speakers

Model No.: XS-693

RRP: $119.00