CVL Series

Cadence proudly presents its new line of CVL component speakers. Completely redesigned, the all-new CVL series sets a benchmark for reference systems. CVL speakers reproduce both instruments and vocals in your music naturally and convincingly. The new CVL line is sure to become an instant classic among critics and users alike.

The crossover design provides seamless separation of the highs and lows, resulting in absolutely flawless stereo imaging. CVL components possess a
state of the art cone material made of a structural foam core attached to a
Carbon/Kevlar fibre composite glass layer for a perfect combination of the utmost rigidity and incredible lightness. This cone technology provides unmatched linearity, tremendous strength and optimal acceleration resulting in a pure and neutral sound that remains free from colouration and distortion.

The CVL component speakers feature composite aluminium fibre baskets which are lightweight while remaining extremely rigid and dampened for a rock-solid foundation. In addition, the CVL component kits feature our new inverted titanium dome tweeters. The inverted aero dimple finish dome functions just like a tiny woofer whose design permits a lower resonant frequency, important when determining the cut-off point between the tweeter and the midrange woofer. This design also features a lower moving mass than conventional dome tweeters, saving energy which has an incredible effect on the sound stage.

All these amazing technologies combine for the absolute ultimate ultra-premium euphoric audio experience, brought to you courtesy of Cadence.

CVLS-553: 5.25' 3-Way Triax-Component System

Model No.: CVLS-553

RRP: $369.00

CVLS-653: 6.5" Trax Components 80w 3 Way S...

Model No.: CVLS-653

RRP: $399.00

CVLS-693: 6x9-Inch 3 Way 200 Watts Convert...

Model No.: CVLS-693

RRP: $449.00

CVLW-69: 6x9" Woofer 150W/300W Peak

Model No.: CLW-69

RRP: $299.00

CVL6-KN: 6.5" Two-Way Super Fidelity Compo...

Model No.: CVL6-KN

RRP: $599.00