The new Cadence XENITH amplifiers feature a slender new design that is small enough to fit anywhere yet powerful enough to make your amp stand out in a crowd.

The Circuitry includes high speed MosFET power supplies, studio grade BiPolar output transistors and 12dB/Oct adjustable crossovers. A unique bass equalizer and Tri-Mode operation capability round off this feature packed series.

As and added bonus, the Xa400.1 also comes standard with a dashboard mounted remote Bass Control!

XA 250.2 1000 Watt Peak 2-Channel Class AB...

Model No.: XA250.2

RRP: $329.00

Xa125.2: 2 Channel - 80 Watts RMS @ 4 ohm

Model No.: Xa125.2

RRP: $299.00

Xa125.4: 4 Channel - 80 Watts RMS @ 4 ohm

Model No.: Xa125.4

RRP: $399.00

Xa400.1: 1 Channel 425 Watts RMS @ 2 ohm M...

Model No.: Xa400.1

RRP: $369.00